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It has been proposed to move Category:HTML editors to Category:Web editors

Reason: Applications screenshots are for editing web pages, and web pages consist of more than just "plain html" as the name of the category suggests

Date: tagged 4 July 2023.

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Bot command: {{move cat|HTML editors|Web editors|reason=Applications screenshots are for editing web pages, and web pages consist of more than just "plain html" as the name of the category suggests}}

Difference in words:
Category:HTML editors
Category:Web editors
Difference in characters:
Category:HTML editors
Category:Web editors

<nowiki>editor de páginas web; HTML-Редактору; HTML web-editore; Редактор HTML; HTML-Editor; ویرایش‌گر اچ‌تی‌ام‌ال; HTML редактор; HTML-redigeringsværktøj; HTML düzenleyicisi; Webオーサリングツール; HTML-redigeringsprogram; Редактор HTML; HTML編輯器; एचटीएमएल एडिटर; HTML 편집기; redaktilo de retpaĝoj; HTML editor; uređivač HTML jezika; editor HTML; এইচটিএমএল সম্পাদক; éditeur HTML; HTML-рэдактар; trình biên tập HTML; HTML編輯器; HTML-urejevalnik; HTML编辑器; 超文本標記語言编辑器; editor HTML; Editor HTML; Edytor HTML; עורך HTML; HTML-editor; HTML-szerkesztő program; HTML-editori; ಎಚ್ ಟಿಎಮ್ ಎಲ್ ಎಡಿಟರ್; HTML-redaktor; HTML editor; محرر إتش تي إم إل; επεξεργαστής HTML; HTML Muharrirlari; programa informático para editar sitio HTML; ウェブページ作成ソフト; logiciel conçu pour faciliter la préparation et la modification de documents écrits en HTML; datorprogram för redigera HTML-kod; Anwendungssoftware, mit der man Webseiten mit HTML-Code erstellen und bearbeiten kann; 用於編輯超文本標記語言的計算機程序; computer program for editing HTML site; 用于编辑HTML的程序; λογισμικό για την επεξεργασία αρχείων HTML; tipo di software; editor de HTML; editor HTML; editor web; editor de paginas web; Webオーサリングソフト; HTMLエディタ; ウェブオーサリングツール; HTML; éditeur web; editeur HTML; editeur web; HTML-redigerare; Webbeditor; Edytory HTML; HTML-редактор; Editor HTML; HTML редактор; HTML-редактор; Веб-редактор; Редактор веб; webeditor; web editor; HTML 에디터; 웹 에디터; 웹에디터; 웹 편집기; Editor Web; Editor de Websites; HTML editors; محرر اتش تي ام ال; HTML编辑器; HTML-editor</nowiki>
HTML editor 
computer program for editing HTML site
HTML-redigeringsprogrammet Nvu har laddat in huvudsidan på svenskspråkiga Wikipedia och är beredd att börja göra ändringar i HTML-koden
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