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English: Haibao, the Expo 2010 mascot, created by Wu Yong-jian, selected by the Design Jury of the Expo 2010, from a concept by Yokan Corporate Identity.
中文: 海宝


The reproduction of this artistic, architectural, or applied artwork, is covered under the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国著作权法), which allows reproduction of works in a public place if the author and the name of the original work is attributed.
"第二十二条: 在下列情况下使用作品,可以不经著作权人许可,不向其支付报酬,但应当指明作者姓名、作品名称,并且不得侵犯著作权人依照本法享有的其他权利:...(十)对设置或者陈列在室外公共场所的艺术作品进行临摹、绘画、摄影、录像;"
"Article 22: In the following cases, a work may be exploited without the permission from, and without payment of remuneration to, the copyright owner, provided that the name of the author and the title of the work are mentioned and the other rights enjoyed by the copyright owner by virtue of this Law are not infringed upon: .... (10) copying, drawing, photographing, or video recording of an artistic work located or on display in an outdoor public place;"

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