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Hammond S series Chord Organ (1950–1966)

  • model S (1950–1953) first model
    • model S-1 (1953–1954) model S implemented with miniature tubes.
    • model S-4 (1954–1955) model S-1 with two loudspeakers instead of one.
    • model S-6 (1956–1963) model S-4 with additional percussion.
  • S-100 series with different wood cases:
    • model S-101 (1962–1964) Traditional Light Mahogany
    • model S-112 (1964–1966) Traditional Nuts
    • model S-133 (1963–1966) French Provincial Cherry


  • The Chord Organ (in Dutch). De Hammond Encyclopedia. Hammond Toonwielorgelvereniging Netherland (Hammond Oragn Club Holland).

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