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  • Vandal tribe, the "Hasdingi", =Astingi (Gothic Hazdigg's), which had its name from the Gothic "hazds" long hair, and that it originally designated not a whole people, but rather a dynasty of long-haired priest-kings, whence a Vandal princely family got the name Hasdingi. From this come the epic twins, O.N. tveir Haddingjar, M.H.G. by Donald Ward. The divine twins. 1968 The Hasdingi (Asdingi) mentioned by Cassius Dio were the chief warriors of the Vandals.
  • Hazdigg's = capillati = Manner mit Frauenhaar (Mallenhoff), an. Haddngjar, ahd. Hartunga, Herting, ags. Hcar- dingas. Diese Ableitung fuhrt auf ein got. 'hazda , an. haddr, ags. heord (Bechtel a. a. 0.), 'langes, weibliches Haar"


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