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English: A herma, commonly in English herm (pl. hermai or hermae) is a sculpture with a head and perhaps a torso, above a plain, usually squared lower section, on which male genitals may also be carved at the appropriate height. The head originally represented the Greek god Hermes, but afterwards of other gods and distinguished people. The form originated in Ancient Greece, and was adopted by the Romans, and revived at the Renaissance in the form of terminal figures. More info
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Deutsch: Hermen
Español: Hermas
Français : Hermès
한국어: 헤르마
tipo di busto
Herma Demosthenes Glyptothek Munich 292.jpg
herm of Demosthenes from the Athenian Agora, work by Polyeuktos, c. 280 BC, Glyptothek
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herma (es); herma (hu); герма (kk-kz); герма (ru); Herme (de); герма (be); Հերմա (hy); 方柱形胸像 (zh); herma (da); ヘルメー (ja); herm (sv); הרמה (he); herma (la); Herme (gsw); 헤르마 (ko); герма (kk); hermo (eo); herma (cs); erma (it); hermès (fr); herma (hr); herma (gl); Херма (bg); herma (pt); گەرما (kk-arab); germa (kk-latn); herme (af); herma (ca); herma (sl); Герма (ky); hermi (fi); герма (uk); герма (kk-cyrl); herma (pl); herma (nb); herma (sh); گەرما (kk-cn); germa (kk-tr); herme (nl); ประติมากรรมเฉพาะหัว (th); herma (en); هيرما (ar); Ερμές (el); ἑρμῆς (grc) tipo di busto (it); type de buste (fr); Grieks godenbeeld (nl); в античности - четырёхгранный столб, завершенный скульптурной головой. (ru); ein Pfeilerschaft mit aufgesetztem Kopf und Schultern (de); sculpture with a head and often a torso above a plain lower section, often with male genitals at the appropriate height; originated in Ancient Greece, adopted by the Romans, and revived in the Renaissance (en); speco de skulptaĵo (eo); tipo de busto (es); fritstående støtte, der foroven ender i et hoved (da) Hermai (es); herma, hermai, buste en Hermès (fr); Herme, Herma, Hermai, Hermae, Herms (th); Герма – (ky); hermae (la); Гермы, Герма. (ru); erme (it); Doppelherme, Karyatidherme (de); 헤름 (ko); herm, hermae (en); ἑρμαῖ (grc); Hermai (pt); Herme (da)


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