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Hispanic and Latino Americans 
ethnic group
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다음 종류에 속함ethnic community
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Hispano (Estados Unidos) (es); Hispaniques et Latino-Américains (fr); Hispanoamerikanci i Latinoamerikanci (hr); Latínoamerikanarar (fo); Латиноамериканцы в США (ru); Hispanoamerikanci i Latinoamerikanci (sh); Hispanic- og latinoamerikanere (da); Người Mỹ gốc Tây Ban Nha và Latinh (vi); Hispanjoll (sq); آمریکایی‌های هیسپنیک و لتینو (fa); 拉丁裔美国人 (zh); Хиспаноамериканци и Латиноамериканци (САД) (sr); Ibericii și latinoamericanii din Statele Unite ale Americii (ro); ラテン系アメリカ人 (ja); هیسپانیک‌‌لر (azb); Hispanic an Latino Americans (sco); Hispanik dan Latino Amerika (id); Hispans i llatinoamericans (ca); Hispanics (nl); Hispaniklər (az); 拉丁美裔人 (zh-hant); Latino's yn Noard-Amearika (fy); Latinos (sc); Hispanic and Latino Americans (en); Hispanic and Latino Americans (en); أمريكيون لاتينيون (ar); Američané hispánského a latinskoamerického původu (cs); Լատինա (hy) ethnic group (en); etnische groep (nl); grupo étnico (es); ethnic group (en) ラティーノ, ヒスパニック系アメリカ人 (ja); Latino-Américains, Immigration hispanique aux États-Unis, Communauté hispanique aux États-Unis, Immigration hispanique aux États-Unis d'Amérique, Imigration hispanique amérique, Immigration hispanique aux Etats-Unis, Immigration hispanique aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique, Imigration hispanique aux États-Unis d'Amérique (fr); Hispanikë, Hispanik (sq); 拉丁美裔人, 西语裔, 拉美裔人, 墨西哥裔美国人, 拉美裔 (zh); Hispanic Americans or Latino Americans (en)

This category includes people who may variously be considered "Hispanic," "Latino," "Chicano," or members of a group with a hyphenated designation (e.g., Mexican-American, Peruvian-American). These include Mexico, the majority of the Central and South American countries, and most of the Greater Antilles. The Philippines and other nations formerly pertaining to the Spanish East Indies are sometimes also included in this definition, as their culture has many Spanish or Latin American elements.

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