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The Gardiner Expressway had a 3km spur, east of its intersection with the Don Valley Expressway, that was originally going to connect to a Scarborough Expressway. For most of its length, east of Dufferin, the Gardiner is a highway elevated on pylons. The Scarborough Expressway was cancelled, in the 1970s, and in 2001 the spur needed expensive repairs, and it was decided to tear it down instead. Half a dozen of its original pylons were retained, as a kind of monument. And three of those pylons have large metal plates with photos from the City of Toronto archives engraved on them. The images show:

  1. Foot of Carlaw 1912, Toronto Archives
  2. Sewer construction, Carlaw south of Eastern 1933, Toronto Archives
  3. Peter MacCallum, off-ramp under demolition east of Leslie St. January, 2001. Toronto Archives
  4. Peter MacCallum, Joy oil tank demolition, Unwin Avenue, 1997.
  5. Peter MacCallum, Leslie St. off-ramp looking toward City Centre, 2001. Toronto Archives
  6. All the gang from Art Wire & Iron, located at 3 Carlaw Ave.
  7. Arthur Beales, Wood pilings for Imperial Oil Tank, Don Roadway and Lakeshore Blvd, 1918. T.H.C. Archives
  8. Peter MacCallum, backhoe demolishing the road deck east of Carlaw Ave, January, 2001. Toronto Archives
  9. Beach, foot of Cherry 1935, Toronto Archives
  10. Tony Bock, Gardiner demolition looking west, 2001.