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Monument istoric.svg Diese Kategorie enthält Dateien zum historischen Denkmal in Rumänien mit der Nummer CT-I-m-A-02681.01
English: Ancient Histria or Istros (Ἰστρίη, Thracian river god, Danube), was a Greek colony or polis (πόλις, city) on the Black Sea coast, established by Milesian settlers to trade with the native Getae. It became the first Greek town on the present day Romanian territory. Scymnus of Chios (ca 110 BC), the Greek geographer and poet, dated it to 630 BC. Eusebius of Caesarea, some centuries later, dated its founding to 657 – 656 BC, at the time of the 33rd Olympic Games. The earliest documented currency on Romanian territory was an 8-gram silver drachma, issued in Histria in the year 480 BC.
Română: Cetatea grecească Histria a fost cel mai vechi oraș atestat de pe actualul teritoriu al României. În prezent, ruinele sale se află pe teritoriul administrativ al comunei Istria, în județul Constanța.

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