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  • Construction: 1922 by Vickers Ltd. in Barrow.
  • Launched 4th Oct.1921
  • length 167.2m
  • beam 20.8m
  • 13,837 gross tons
  • Propulsion: 4 steam turbines double reduction geared to 2 screw shafts; operating at 220 p.s.i.; 1,977 nominal horsepower;
  • 3 double ended & 2 single ended boilers; built by the same company as the hull.
  • speed of 15 knots.


  • 1922 Named Hobson's Bay for the Commonwealth Government Line, Melbourne.
  • 28th Feb.1922 Sailed from London on her maiden voyage to Brisbane.
  • May 1928 Sold to the White Star Line, re-registered in London and continued in the London - Australia service.
  • 1931 Refitted to 14,198 gross tons with accommodation for 512-tourist class passengers
  • April 1933 Sold to Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line.
  • 1936 Renamed Esperance Bay
  • Sep.1939 Fitted out as an Armed Merchant Cruiser at Brisbane for the Royal Australian Navy
  • 1941 Refit as troopship. She was utilised on South Africa, Middle East, India, North and South Atlantic trooping services
  • 1946 Refitted to carry 290-tourist class passengers.
  • 1948 Resumed London - Australia voyages
  • 6th Jul.1955 Arrived at faslane for breaking up.

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