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Date of death31st century BC
Floruit 31st century BC
Country of citizenship
  • sovereign
Position held
Noble title
  • Benerib
  • Benerib
  • Khenthap
Authority control
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Aha (es); Hór-Aha (hu); 1 ቴቲ (am); Aha (eu); Хоръ Аха (cu); Хор Аха (ru); Aha (de); Her-Aha (oc); 荷尔-阿哈 (zh-hans); Хор-Аха (sr-ec); 荷爾-阿哈 (zh); Hor-Aha (da); Hor-Aha (tr); ホル・アハ (ja); Hor-Aha (ms); Aha (gl); حور عحا (arz); 荷爾-阿哈 (zh-hk); חור אחע (he); Faraon Horaha (tk); 荷爾-阿哈 (zh-hant); 荷尔-阿哈 (zh-cn); Хор Аха (bg); 호르-아하 (ko); Hor-Aha (sh); Hor-Aha (eo); Aha (cs); Hor-Aha (nl); Aha (it); هورآها (fa); Hor-Aha (fr); Хор-Аха (uk); Horus-Aha (hr); Aha (fi); Hor-Aha (id); 荷尔-阿哈 (zh-sg); Hor-Aha (sk); Hor-Aha (yo); Aha (ca); Hórus Aha (pt); Hor-Aha (ro); Хор-Аха (sr); Hor-Aha (af); Aha (lt); Aha (sl); Hor-Aha (tl); Hor-Aha (vi); Hor-Aha (sco); ฮอร์อาฮา (th); Aha (pl); Hor-Aha (nb); 荷爾-阿哈 (zh-tw); ჰორ აჰა (ka); Hor Aha (ksh); Aha (nds); Hor-Aha (sr-el); Hor-Aha (en); حور عحا (ar); Άθωσις (el); Aha (sv) faraone egizio (it); pharaon égyptien (fr); altägyptischer König; früher König der ersten Dynastie (de); sovereign (en); faraon egipski (pl); Egiptiese heerser van die 1ste Dinastie (af); soevereine uit het oude Egypte (nl) Hor-Aha, Hor Aha (es); Horus Aha, Athôtis (fr); Hor-Aha (hr); Хоръ-Аха (cu); Хор-Аха, Хор Боец, Гор Аха (ru); Hor-Aha, Hor Aha (de); Aha (vi); Horus-Aha (sh); هوراها, هور آها (fa); 伊梯(阿托梯斯), 阿哈, 霍尔·阿哈, 伊泰, 荷尔·阿哈 (zh); Хорус Аха, Хорус-Аха, Хор Аха (sr); აჰა (ka); アハ (ja); Άθωθις, Χορ-Αχά (el); Hor-Aha, Meni, Horaha, Ity, Men, Horus-Aha, Athothis, Hor Aha, Horus Aha, Athôthis (ca); Hor-Aha (sv); Athot (pl); Hor-Aha av Egypt (nb); Meni, Hor-Aka (nl); Hor-aha (pt); 호르아하 (ko); Aha (sk); Hor-Aha (fi); ฟาโรห์ฮอร์-อฮา, พระมเหสีรองเฮนท์ (th); حور عحها, حور آحا (ar); Hor-Aha (cs); Hora-aha (nds)

Hor-Aha was the 2nd Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He lived around the 31st century BC. There has been some controversy about Hor-Aha. Some believe him to be the same individual as the legendary Menes and that he was the one to unify all of Egypt. Others claim he was the son of Narmer, the pharaoh who unified Egypt.

Aha's wives were Benerib and Khenthap. With Khenthap, he had a son called Djer.


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