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English: The hosho are Zimbabwean musical instruments consisting of a pair of maranka gourds with seeds. They typically contain hota (Canna indica) seeds inside them. The hosho are used to accompany Shona music, especially mbira music. They make a rattling sound that western ears may be unaccustomed to hearing. However, this accompaniment is essential when playing mbira and or marimba music. So essential, in fact, that extra vibrating elements, such as mirlitons (buzzing membranes made from spider webs) are attached to the resonating tubes of Marimbas and machachara (miniature Hosho made from seashells or bottle caps) are attached to the mbira and its deze. mbiras and marimbas from Africa; and even other instruments, such as drums will have some kind of rattles associated with their use.
Italiano: L'hosho è uno strumento a percussione di tipo idiofono di origine africana, usato nella musica tradizionale dello Zimbabwe e diffuso soprattutto tra gli Shona.

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