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English: Hostess Brands, Inc., a large wholesale bakery company in the United States. It predecessor company names include DBF, Inc., Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC), Interstate Brands, and IBC Holdings. Its major bread brands include Beefsteak, Butternut, Holsom, Merita, Nature's Pride, Sweetheart, and Wonder Bread; its dessert/snack cake brands include Drake's, Dolly Madison, and Hostess, and sub-brands Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Suzy Q's, Twinkies, and Zingers. Aquisitions include Ambrosia Cake Company, Baker Canning Company (including Shawano Farms, Inc. and the Shawano Canning Company), the Butter Cream Baking Company, Campbell-Sell Baking Company, Cobb's Sunlit Bakery, Eddy Bakeries, Hart's Bakeries, the Kingston Cake Bakery, Merita/Cotton's Bakeries, Millbrook Bread, Mrs. Cubbison's Foods, the John J. Nissen Baking Company, O'Rourke Baking Company, Purity Baking Company, the Remar Baking Company, San Francisco Bread Company, Schall Tasty Baking Company, Schulze Baking Company, Silver Loaf Baking Company, Stewart Sandwiches, Supreme Baking Company, and Sweetheart Bread Company. It also acquired Continental Baking Company, which had previously acquired Taggart Bakeries.
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