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This category includes the members of the primordial House of Anjou: the Ingelgers and their descendants:

  • The House of Ingelger, a Frankish noble family who asserted control over the County of Anjou independent of their Robertian feudal lords
  • The House of Anjou, cognatic heirs of the House of Ingelger. The senior line became Kings of England and a junior line became Kings of Jerusalem in the 12th century
  • The House of Plantagenet, the continuation of the senior line of the House of Anjou as Kings of England during the High and Late Middle Ages
    • Angevin Empire, the Plantagenets' 12th century domains across the British Isles and western France

For other Houses of the same name, see Capetian House of Anjou and House of Valois-Anjou


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