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Casa de Orleans (es); Orléans-i ház (hu); Orléans-ætt (is); Casa de Orleans (ast); Орлеанский дом (ru); Haus Orléans (de); House of Orléans (en-gb); خاندان اورلئان (fa); Орлеански дом (bg); Huset Orléans (da); Casa de Orléans (ro); オルレアン家 (ja); Huset Orléans (sv); Орлеанський дім (uk); 奧爾良王朝 (zh-hant); 奥尔良王朝 (zh-cn); Orléans (fi); House of Orléans (en-ca); Bourbon-Orléans (cs); Borbone-Orléans (it); maison d'Orléans (fr); Bourbon-Orléans (hr); Casa d'Orleães (pt); 오를레앙가 (ko); Οίκος της Ορλεάνης (el); Օրլեանի չորրորդ տոհմ (hy); Orléans Hanedanı (tr); Casa d'Orleans (ca); 奧爾良王朝 (zh); Casa d'Orleães (pt-br); Hoose o Orléans (sco); ราชวงศ์ออร์เลอ็อง (th); Nhà Orléans (vi); Huset Orléans (nb); Huis Orléans (nl); خاندان اورلینز (ur); ორლეანელების დინასტია (ka); Dinastio de Orléans (eo); Чацвёрты Арлеанскі дом (be); House of Orléans (en); أسرة أورليان (ar); Tiegezh Orleañs (br); בית אורליאן (he) Fransız Asilzâde Aile (tr); フランスの公爵であるオルレアン公の家系 (ja); famille ayant régné sur la France (fr); أسرة فرنسية نبيلة (ar); Adelsgeschlecht (de); famiglia reale (it); French noble family (en); nobela familio (eo); οικογένεια αριστοκρατών (el); Casa real francesa (es) Borbon Orleans, Casa de Orléans, Dinastía Orléans, Borbon-Orleans, Dinastía Orleans, Borbón-Orleans, Casa de Orleáns, Orleans, Borbón Orleans, Dinastia Orleans, Casa de Borbón-Orleans, Cuarta Casa de Orléans (es); Maison capétienne d'Orléans, Maison d’Orléans, Bourbon-Orléans, House of Bourbon-Orleans, Quatrième maison d'Orléans, Chef de la maison d'Orléans, Aîné de la maison d'Orléans (fr); Quarta Casa d'Orleans (ca); Haus Bourbon-Orléans, Viertes Haus von Orleans (de); Casa de Bourbon-Orléans, Casa de Orléans, Casa d'orleáns, Casa d'Orléans, Casa de orleães, Casa de Orleans, Casa de Bourbon-Orleães (pt); Օռլեականներ (hy); Орлеани, Дом Орлеан (bg); Duce de Orléans, Casa Orléans (ro); ブルボン=オルレアン家 (ja); House of Orléans, ราชวงศ์ออร์เลอองส์, ตระกูลบูร์บอง-ออร์เลอองส์, House of Orleans, House of Bourbon-Orléans (th); שושלת אורליאן, בית אורלאן, שושלת אורלאן (he); Huis van Orléans, Huis Orleans, Huis van Orleans (nl); 奧爾良王室, 波旁-奧爾良 (zh); Dynastie Orléans, Bourbon-Orleáns, Dynastie Bourbon-Orléans (cs); بيت أورليانز الرابعة (ar); Borbone di Orléans, Dinastia Orléans, Casa D'Orleans, Casa di Orléans (it); House of Orleans, Fourth House of Orleans (en); Kvara domo de Orléans (eo); Δ΄ Οίκος της Ορλεάνης (el); Орлеаны, Орлеанская династия, Четвёртый Орлеанский дом (ru)
House of Orléans 
French noble family
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  • House of Bourbon in France
Part of
  • France
Founded by
  • 10 May 1661
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English: The House of Orléans is a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon, descending in male-line from Philippe of France, Duke of Orléans who received his title in 1661. He was the second son of Louis XIII of France and Anne of Austria when they held the rank of princes of the blood. Philippe's descendant, King Louis Philippe I of the French, ruled France from 1830 until his deposition in 1848. Further descendants of the House continue their claim to the throne with the title of "prince" or "princess of Orléans" with the style "Royal Highness".


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