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English: The Zähringers might be decendents of the Alahofingens who were Dukes of Allemania around AD. 746

Already in the year of the first naming as Counts of Zähringen in 1078 a seperate line of Baden was established by a younger son. This younger line built on territories inherited by the Counts of Calw.

In 1187 another line separated from the Zähringens, the Counts of Teck.

The House of Zähringen become extinct in 1218.

Its territory was inherited by the Counts of Urach, who later split into the Counts of Freiburg and the Counts of Fürstenberg.

Other inheritors were the Counts of Kyburg.

Other territory again fell back to the Emperor.

Follow-up territories of the Zähringers were: Fürstenberg, Baden, Vorderösterreich and the Swiss Confederacy

(Gerhard Köbler: Historisches Lexikon der deutschen Länder, 2nd Ed., 1990, ISBN 3 406 33290 0: Entries on Zähringen and on Baden respectively)


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