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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisOsteichthyes • ClassisActinopterygii • SubclassisNeopterygii • InfraclassisTeleostei • SuperordoOstariophysi • OrdoSiluriformes • FamiliaLoricariidae • Subfamilia: Hypostominae
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  • Taxonomic comment: According to fishbase, Ancistrinae and Hypostominae are two independent subfamilies. According to ITIS, the subfamily Hypostominae includes all the Ancistrinae species.
Included genera (for FishBase):
Aphanotorulus, Corymbophanes, Hypostomus, Pogonopoma, Pseudorinelepis, Pterygoplichthys, Rhinelepis
Note: FishBase does not provide a list of genus. But for each species, FishBase displays its subfamily, which allows with patience to determine the subfamily content
Included genera (for WoRMS):
Aphanotorulus, Corymbophanes, Glyptoperichthys, Hypostomus, Isorineloricaria, Kronichthys, Pareiorhaphis, Pogonopoma, Pseudorinelepis, Pterygoplichthys, Rhinelepis, Squaliforma
Included genera (for ITIS):
Acanthicus, Ancistrus, Baryancistrus, Chaetostoma, Cordylancistrus, Corymbophanes, Dekeyseria, Dolichancistrus, Exastilithoxus, Glyptoperichthys, Hemiancistrus, Hopliancistrus, Hypancistrus, Hypostomus, Lasiancistrus, Leporacanthicus, Leptoancistrus, Lithoxus, Megalancistrus, Neblinichthys, Panaque, Parancistrus, Peckoltia, Pogonopoma, Pseudacanthicus, Pseudancistrus, Pseudolithoxus, Pseudorinelepis, Pterygoplichthys, Rhinelepis, Spectracanthicus


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