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See naming scheme in discussion page. To be used as an overlay on other icons:

  (INT) +   (lNULf) BSicon .svgBSicon INT.svgBSicon lNULf.svg 
  (uvBHFq) +   (vNULfgq) BSicon .svgBSicon uvBHFq.svgBSicon vNULfgq.svg 
  (uexSTR3+1) +   (DNULfq) BSicon .svgBSicon uexSTR3+1.svgBSicon DNULfq.svg 
  (tv-STR) +   (tlv-NULf) BSicon .svgBSicon tv-STR.svgBSicon tlv-NULf.svg 


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