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This new set of icons purports to be used exclusively as overlays on whichever other icons (unlike the current ones) and allows for greater detail illustrating possible situations — namely where the border coincides exactly with the track, and variations thereof.

Possible icons showing combinations deemed irrelevant were not created, but icons for the full complement of “stubs” (from the midpoint to any of the eight considered edgepoints) were created, allowing for overlaying of more complex and detailed route maps: E.g. diagonal straight borders are topologically identical to   (exGRENZE legende), but composable as such with overlaid BSicon GRENZE2lg.svgBSicon GRENZE2lf.svg (GRENZE2lfGRENZE2lg) , or BSicon GRENZE2rg.svgBSicon GRENZE2rf.svg (GRENZE2rfGRENZE2rg) .


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