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To be used when two railways are parallel within a short distance of one another.

Two BSicons of half width can do the same, but sometimes with poorer geometry.

For naming discrepancies between "parallel railways" and "parallel lines", see Talk:BSicon/Categorization#Subcat names. Reach to a collective consensus before renaming any categories.

Attention: The vertical tracks have to be placed at x-coordinate 125 and 375!

Naming convention

For 'symmetrical' icons the following naming convention is used:

  • v prefix, both lines in use: BSicon vSTR.svg
  • ev prefix, left line disused, right line in use: BSicon evSTR.svg
  • xv prefix, left line in use, right line disused: BSicon xvSTR.svg
  • exv prefix, both lines disused: BSicon exvSTR.svg


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