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This subcategory contains all icons showing bridges of parallel railway lines.

For an overwiew, see Category:Icons for railway descriptions, for single track bridges see Category:Icons for railway descriptions/bridge.

Naming convention[edit]

All Icons with a 'symmetrical' subject like bridges (either highway, normal or waterway), borders, tunnels but excluding icons for crossings with other railway lines and stations the following naming convention is used:

  • v prefix, both lines in use: BSicon vSKRZ-Au.svg, BSicon vBRÜCKE1.svg, BSicon vWTUNNEL.svg
  • ev prefix, left line disused, right line in use: BSicon evSKRZ-Au.svg, BSicon evBRÜCKE1.svg, BSicon evWTUNNEL.svg
  • xv prefix, left line in use, right line disused: BSicon xvSKRZ-Au.svg, BSicon xvBRÜCKE1.svg, BSicon xvWTUNNEL.svg
  • exv prefix, both lines disused: BSicon exvSKRZ-Au.svg, BSicon exvBRÜCKE1.svg, BSicon exvWTUNNEL.svg


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