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I’m a hard working and a driving individual who isn’t afraid of a challenge . I’m passionate about my heart work and I know how to make the done . I would describe myself as an open and honest person who listens to every idea but chooses the right ones out by looking around my background and also how life is moving on with me, I really like and appreciate people who values me, respect me and also motivates me. I feel big and encouraged whenever I’m motivated and the more I feel that way the more I give more hits with vibes in my work . I live in a very large family which they do surport me in any competition I go, which impresses me the most. Family use to love me most because I was intelligent but due to music I left school when I was in JHS 2-3 which I faced a lot of challenges everybody ignored me in the family but I later made it clear to them that I was personally made for music not school which they got to understand me look for hand work for me and I’m still into it whilst chasing my dreams in music and I have hope and everything that it will be better for me one day. There is time for everything.


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