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This category contains 1,794,043 files which is 3.57% of all 50,239,280 files in Wikimedia Commons.

To add an image to this category, add the template {{geograph}} to your image description page. For example, to identify Image:NS6469 harvest.jpg as being geograph #57771, taken by Chris Upson, the tag {{geograph|57771|Chris Upson}} is added to the image's description page. The template code adds the image to this category page, but will also display a license compliant copyright message, and a link to the picture's description page on Geograph.

If you are copying a new image from Geograph then:


  • Click on the image you want on and then look for "Find out how to reuse this Image". This will allow you to cut and paste nearly everything to a Basic Upload.

You then just need to check the description and add some meaningful categories.

A few more images are listed in the English Wikipedia but note that uploading geograph images there is deprecated.

Some pictures on Commons are also on Geograph, but Commons didn't get them from Geograph. For instance, the Geograph contributor might also upload picture to Commons at a higher resolution or with a different licence. The {{also geograph}} template can be used to document this, and will add the picture to this category.

In this category, images are sorted by the image numbers they have on Geograph.

The links below can be used to jump to later pages by image number:

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