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Images of people
Human stages of development as categorized on Wikimedia Commons
People (female/male)
Children (female/male)
birth until 17 years
Babies (female/male)
birth to ~24 months
Toddlers (female/male)
~2 to 4 years
Preteens (female/male)
~10 to 12 years
Adolescent children (female/male)
~13 to 17 years
Adults (female/male)
18 years until death
Young adults (female/male)
~18 to 40 years
Middle-aged adults (female/male)
~40 to 60 years
Old adults (female/male)
~60 years until death

Definitions come from, but are slightly modified from, the Physical stages of human life as found at Wikipedia:Human development (biology).


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