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English: This category contains images with dihedral symmetry (D1 is excluded). Please, include each image (of this category or its subcategories) also in one of subcategories of Category:Rotational symmetry by order. Also, please keep this category and its subcategories sorted ([[Category:Images with dihedral symmetry|02]] for D2, [[Category:Images with dihedral symmetry|03]] for D3…) until subcategories by symmetry order was created.
dihedral group 
group of symmetries of a regular polygon
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Subclass of Coxeter group,
metabelian group
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gruppo diedrale (it); Diédercsoport (hu); Samhverfisgrúpa marghyrninga (is); grupo diedral (pt); 二面体群 (zh-hans); ഡൈഹെഡ്രൽ ഗ്രൂപ്പ് (ml); grup diedral (ca); 二面体群 (ja); Diedergruppe (de); Nhóm nhị diện (vi); 정이면체군 (ko); groupe diédral (fr); 二面體群 (zh); grupo diedral (es); diedrska grupa (sl); 二面體群 (zh-hk); grupo diedral (pt-br); Діедральна група (uk); Dihedral grupp (sv); diedergruppe (nn); חבורה דיהדרלית (he); Dihedrale groep (nl); 二面體群 (zh-hant); Grupa diedralna (pl); Диэдрическая группа (ru); Diedriryhmä (fi); dihedral group (en); زمرة زوجية (ar); dihedrální grupa (cs); இருமுகக் குலங்கள் (ta) grupo de simetría (es); groupe des isométries du plan conservant un polygône régulier (fr); group of symmetries of a regular polygon (en); grup de simetries d'un polígon regular (ca); grupa simetrij pravilnega mnogokotnika (sl) gruppi diedrali (it); groupe diédrique, groupes diédraux, groupe dihédral, groupe diedral, symmetrie dihédrale (fr); Dihedrala gruppen (sv); Grupa dihedralna (pl); החבורה הדיהדרלית (he); Группа диэдра (ru); Diedergruppen (de); Дігедральна група (uk); grup dièdric (ca); Dihedral group, ഡൈഹെഡ്രൽ ഗ്രൂപ്പുകൾ (ml); 二面體對稱 (zh); grupo diédrico, grupo diedrico (es)


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