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The Imperial War Museum was established in 1920 by act of Parliament. Records held by the War Cabinet at that time, including past archives, were transferred to the IWM. Photographs taken by the military before the First World War are covered by Crown Copyright, which expires a maximum of 50 years after the date of creation—making these photographs public domain.

The scans in this collection were created by the Imperial War Museum and released on a custom free reuse but non-commercial restriction licence [1] with some, possibly mistakenly, listed as all rights reserved (e.g. IWM 205018801 archived version). It should be noted that photographs taken, or artworks created, by a member of the forces or by direct government commission, are covered by Crown Copyright provisions. Faithful reproductions may be reused under that licence, which is considered expired 50 years, or less, after their creation.

On further examination, some photographs in this collection are versions of early prints from other countries, such as this photograph of the Wright Brothers first powered flight (1903). In these cases a more specific licence such as {{PD-1923}} applies, rather than assuming an expired Crown Copyright as explained by {{PD-UKGov}}, based on these prints being owned by the UK Government, created more than 90 years ago and for the majority of photographs in this category, more than 100 years ago.

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