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To add an image to this category, do not specify the category directly. Instead, please tag the image with {{inaccurate paleoart|dinosaur=yes|reason=specify why the image is inaccurate}}. This will generate both the category and a warning template.

Images in this category are tagged because they do not live up to the criteria for inclusion of the Dinosaur WikiProject on the English Wikipedia, and should not be used in any Wikipedia articles about dinosaurs:

Criteria for removing an image:

  • Image differs appreciably from known skeletal elements.
    • Example: If a Deinonychus is reconstructed with four fingers.
  • Image differs appreciably from implied skeletal elements (via bracketing).
    • Example: If an oviraptorid known only from postcranial elements is reconstructed with teeth, a feature made highly improbable by its phylogenetic position.
  • Image differs appreciably from known non-skeletal elements.
    • Example: If an image of Microraptor gui lacks primary feathers.
  • Image differs appreciably from implied non-skeletal elements.
    • Example: Nomingia should not be depicted without feathers, since a skeletal feature (the pygostyle) and phylogenetic bracketing (more advanced than Caudipteryx) imply that it was feathered. Similarly, Ceratosaurus should not be depicted with feathers, since a skeletal feature (osteoderms) and its proximity to Carnotaurus (extensive scale impressions) imply that it was fully scaled.
  • Image pose differs appreciably from known range of motion.
    • Example: Theropod dinosaurs reconstructed with overly flexed tails or pronated "bunny-style" hands.
    • Exception: If the range of motion is debated in the scientific literature, as is the case with sauropod neck position.

Please consider submitting new images for peer review at WikiProject Dinosaurs Image Review.

Images included in this category should have an explanation why in the edit summary when the category is added. If you find that an image you have created is featured in this category, do not hesitate to fix the inaccuracies of the image..


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