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To add an image to this category, do not specify the category directly. Instead, please tag the image with {{inaccurate paleoart|reason=specify why the image is inaccurate}}. This will generate both the category and a warning template.

Guidelines for use of paleoart, adapted from WikiProject Dinosaurs' image review page:

Criterion sufficient for using an image:

  • If image is included for historical value. In these cases the image caption should explain that it is an outdated reconstruction. Historical interest images should not be used in the taxobox or paleobox, but preferably in a section of the text discussing the history of a taxon.

Criteria sufficient to remove an image:

  • Image differs appreciably from known skeletal elements.
    • Example: If a Lystrosaurus is reconstructed with four fingers.
  • Image differs appreciably from implied skeletal elements (via bracketing).
    • Example: If an hesperornithid bird known only from postcranial elements is reconstructed without teeth, a feature made highly improbable by its phylogenetic position.
  • Image differs appreciably from known non-skeletal elements.
  • Image differs appreciably from implied non-skeletal elements.
    • Example: Scaphognathus should not be depicted without pycnofibres, since phylogenetic bracketing imply that it had them.
  • Image pose differs appreciably from known range of motion.
    • Example: Plesiosaurs reconstructed with overly flexible necks.
    • Exception: If the range of motion is debated in the scientific literature, as is the case with sauropod neck position.
  • Image depicts a scene which is anachronistic or contradicts known geographic range.
    • Example: Brontoscorpio chasing a Cephalaspis, two animals which did not live together.
    • Example: Dinosaurs from the Triassic or Jurassic depicted walking on grass, which did not exist at that time.
    • Exception: Walking with... screenshots or photographs of life-sized models taken in parks. It should be made clear in the caption that these are models or computer generated graphics.


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