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{{5MB interruption}} {{5MB interruption/cs}}

Suggested workflow:

  1. If the author has uploaded the complete version, remove the tag {{Incomplete upload}} and [[Category:Incomplete JPG files (5 MB interruption)]].
  2. Check if there's any copyright problem. Nominate for deletion or speedy deletion if yes.
  3. Check if the photo fails project scope. Nominate for deletion if yes.
  4. Check the user's uploads to see if they have uploaded the complete photo afterwards (or on rare occasions before). If you find the complete one, prepend the code {{dup|<Name of the complete photo.extension>}} to the incomplete photo. (Tick Include old versions of files to check all files! I have found several cases in which the uploader uploaded both full and corrupt versions, but the full one was replaced by Embedded Data Bot. Example: File:Air Creation Tanarg w Bionix Wing in a Wheat Field ready for takeoff.jpg.)
  5. Ask yourself whether the visible part could still be a good illustration of the subject. If not, prepend {{SD|F7}} to the photo, or nominate for deletion. (Administrators can delete the corrupt photos straightaway at their discretion.)
  6. If the photo remains incomplete, has no copyright issues and meets project scope, please use CropTool (can be enable as a gadget) to crop it.
    Choose Overwrite, so that the cropped photo will be uploaded with the same name and overwrite the broken version. Remove the tag and the category like step #1 after cropping.
    Tip 1: Choose Precise mode. Lossless cropping is not possible for corrupt photos as of June 2019.
    Tip 2: When you use magic locator to automatically select the intact portion, minus a few more pixels (or 20 always) from height. If not, some images may still have a corrupt part on bottom right while bottom left is intact. See File:( Grey-breasted Partridge )DSCN5374 .jpg for example.
    Note 1: Some photos appear to be complete, but are in fact broken. "Crop" them by selecting the whole window, so that the dimension remains unchanged. See this file as an example.
    Note 2: In some rare cases, users have uploaded full versions on other wiki projects. Please import those files and then delete the corrupt files as in step #4. (Example: Prabesh.poudel123 (talk · contribs) has uploaded photos on English wikipedia: en:Special:ListFiles/Prabesh.poudel123.)

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