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This category has a backlog that requires the attention of experienced editors.
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Items in this category have been placed here because:

  1. They were published between 1926-1963 in the US and evidence of a copyright renewal has been found.
  2. They were published after 1964 in the US.
  3. They were published outside the US, and evidence of publication after 1950 has been identified.
  4. They were published outside the US and evidence of an author who lived after 1950 has been identified.

Unless there is convincing evidence for these works to be considered public domain (or the license tag updated), then

  1. If obvious copyvio, the relevant works (and all relevant derived images) should be deleted.
  2. If not obvious, such as some images being published earlier, or by creators whose works are in the public domain, then a suitable DR should raised giving an explanation of what should be deleted, compared to what should be retained.


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