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See also {{Image generation}}, a non-zero error count automatically inserts {{InvalidSVG}}.
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The W3C validator checks the SVG code formally. Invalid files in this category could be useful even without corrections, while valid files could still contain embedded raster graphics making them poor to scale, or may show severe librsvg bugs.

When you draw and upload an image, of course it is better to create it ex ovo as a W3C-valid file, and to avoid useless bloating. There are many files (valid and invalid ones) filled up with redundant code sequences or huge CDATA blocks.

W3C invalid.svg
  • English: The SVG graphics listed here were checked with the W3C validator and have been found to be W3C-invalid.
  • Deutsch: Die hier aufgeführten SVG Grafiken wurden mit dem W3C validator geprüft und enthalten Fehler.
  • 日本語: W3C validatorでチェックし、「妥当ではない」と判定されたSVGの一覧。
  • Polski: Grafiki SVG, które są tu wymienione zostały ocenione z użyciem walidatora W3C jako nieprawidłowe.
  • Nederlands: De SVGs die hier staan zijn nagekeken in de W3C validator en zijn niet goedgekeurd.


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