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English: The Isebek was a German steel four-masted barque. She was built 1892 as James Kerr by T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool for E.R. Peel & G. McAllester & Sons, Liverpool. 1910 she sold to Knöhr & Burchard, Hamburg, and was renamed Isebek. 1914 interned in Valparaiso during the war and handed 1920 over to the victorious powers as war damage compensation. Sold 1923 to Soffia Gonzalez & Co., Valparaiso and renamed Maria or Le Maria. She stranded and wrecked in January 1926 off Chanaral Island, Chile.
Dimensions: Length: 293.8 ft (89.6 m). Width: 41.2 ft (12.6 m). Depth: 24.4 ft (7.4 m). , tonnage: 2420 GRT and 2281 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.[1][2]


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