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detachable cascades of soft fabric, often lace, worn at the center front of the neckline
Subclass of neckwear
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Jabot is a French term that refers to what in English is called a bosom ruffle. Originally the term jabot referred to the frilling or ruffles decorating the front of a shirt. It has evolved probably in the 19th century into a decorative clothing accessory consisting of lace or other fabric falling from the throat, suspended from or attached to a neckband or collar; or simply pinned at the throat. Although often used as an 18th century accessory, it is a misinterpretation of the ruffles attached to the bosom slit of a shirt or it is a misinterpretation of a French cravat or what the English called a neck cloth that was most fashionable in the early 18th century.


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