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Jirushi are a flag like badge worn by samurai as a means of identification. The sode-jirushi is a badge worn on the shoulder-plate. The kasa-jirushi is a badge worn on the helmet. These are used in place of the (more cumbersome) sashimono in night attacks, ambushes, sea fights, and on stormy days. For private soldiers they are used as regimental badges. The length of the sode-jirushi is about 7.25 to 8.5 inches, and of kasa-jirushi from a foot to 15.5 inches. The sode-jirushi worn on the right shoulder, and the kasa-jirushi attached to a ring (kasa-jirushi-no-wa) at the back of the helmet. It is necessary to wear them to be easily recognized from a distance.


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