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DomainEukaryota • RegnumPlantae • PhylumTracheophyta • DivisioPinophyta • ClassisPinopsida • OrdoPinales • FamiliaCupressaceae • SubfamiliaCupressoideae • GenusJuniperus • SectioJuniperus sect. Sabina • Species: Juniperus phoenicea L., 1753
  • EnglishPhoenicean Juniper
  • català: Savina
  • español: Sabina negral
  • français: Genévrier de Phénicie
  • italiano: Ginepro fenicio
  • sardu: Zinnibiri mesùdu
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Cupressus devoniana Beissn. (from The Plant List)
Cupressus tetragona Humb. & Bonpl. ex Carrière (from The Plant List)
Juniperus bacciformis Carrière (from The Plant List)
Juniperus divaricata Carrière (from The Plant List)
Juniperus formosa Carrière (from The Plant List)
Juniperus langoldiana Gordon (from The Plant List)
Juniperus lycia L. (from The Plant List)
Juniperus malacocarpa Carrière (from The Plant List)
Juniperus myosuros Sénécl. (from The Plant List)
Juniperus myurus Beissn. (from The Plant List)
Juniperus terminalis Salisb. (from The Plant List)
Juniperus tetragona Moench (from The Plant List)
Oxycedrus licia Garsault (from The Plant List)
Sabina bacciformis (Carrière) Antoine (from The Plant List)
Sabina lycia (L.) Antoine (from The Plant List)
Sabina phoenicea (L.) Antoine (from The Plant List)
Sabinella phoenicea (L.) Nakai (from The Plant List)
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Included varieties (for The Plant List):
J. p. var. turbinata


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