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Important! Nearly all images in this category are NOT of original color. It seems, that the owner of the source images has "adjusted" the original scans to get a "white paper" as background. In different to this, the original prints were not on bright, white paper (Such a paper was not available in the 19th century). Therefore all colors are "shifted" similar to change from a light brown/yellow to white.

Illustrations from Gustav Pabst (ed.): Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte Gera-Untermhaus, Germany; 1887. The first two volumes were edited by Gustav Pabst, a German botanist; illustrations by Walther Müller and C.F. Schmidt; chromolithographies by K. Gunther. Franz Eugen Köhler seems to have been the publisher, not the author of this work. See e.g. the frontispiece of the first volume, or this bibliographic information, or this German website.

According to Sitwell, S.: Great Flower Books 1700 - 1900... (1956; reprint ISBN 0-871-13284-2), p.62, Pabst was only the posthumous editor of the work of Hermann Adolf (Adolph) Köhler (1834 - 1879), however, that Köhler appears to have been a medical doctor: he published Monographie der Meningitis Spinalis nach klinischen Beobachtungen (C. F. Winter'sche Verlagshandlung, Leipzig 1861), Grundriss der materia medica für Ärzte und Studirende (Leipzig: Veit, 1878)[1], and other medical treatises. Sitwell also gives the name of the first illustrator as "L. Müller", but on the scan of the frontispiece linked above it clearly says "Walther Müller". Volume three was (according to Sitwell) edited by Max Vogtherr and Max Gurke and appeared in 1898 (in the same publishing house, which had meanwhile become "Friedrich von Zezschwitz, publishers").

Sitwell writes that all three volumes were first published as 70 separate installments, those of vol. I and II in 1883, vol. III in 1896. In 1914 a fourth volume with another 29 plates was published.


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