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Great dodecahedron
Small stellated dodecahedron
Great icosahedron
Great stellated dodecahedron
Sets of all four solids, like this one, are in Sets of all Kepler-Poinsot solids.
<nowiki>poliedro di Keplero-Poinsot; কেপলার-পৈসো বহুতলক; solide de Kepler-Poinsot; Keplerin–Poinsot'n kappale; шматграньнік Кеплера — Пуансо; Kepler-Poinsoten solido; Кеплер-Пуансо ĕскерĕ; Kepler-Poinsotov polieder; políedre de Kepler-Poinsot; Многостен на Кеплер-Поансо; Kepler-Poinsot-Körper; Poliedros de Kepler-Poinsot; многогранник Кеплера-Пуансо; چندوجهی کپلر–پوآنسو; 星形正多面體; Keplerio-Puanso kūnas; poliedru Kepler-Poinsot; 星型正多面体; 星形正多面體; sólido de Kepler-Poinsot; Polihedron Kepler–Poinsot; Wielościan Keplera-Poinsota; Тіло Кеплера — Пуансо; 星形正多面體; 星形正多面體; Kepler-Poinsot-lichaam; Kepler-Poinsot-polyeder; 케플러-푸앵소 다면체; Kepler–Poinsot polyhedron; pluredro de Keplero-Poinsot; 星形正多面体; Solids de Kepler-Poinsot; poliedro regular no convexo; এক ধরনের বহুতলক; polyèdre étoilé régulier; regular star polyhedron; правильный звёздчатый многогранник; понятие от геометрията; 各面が互いに交差する凸でない正多面体; Kepler-Poinsotovi poliedri; ケプラー多面体; Polyèdre de Kepler-Poinsot; 케플러-포인샷 다면체; 케플러-푸앵소 입체; sólido de Kepler; sólidos de Kepler-Poinsot; sólido de Kepler Poinsot; solido de Kepler-Poinsot; solido de Kepler; solidos de Kepler-Poinsot; solido de Kepler Poinsot; sòlids de Kepler-Poinsot; políedres de Kepler-Poinsot; Kepler-Poinsot-polyedre; Kepler-Poinsot polyhedron; тело Кеплера-Пуансо; полиэдр Кеплера-Пуансо; কেপলারের ঘনবস্তু; Keplerscher Sternkörper; Keplerin–Poinsot'n kappaleet; Kepler-Poinsotin kappaleet; Kepler-Poinsot polyhedron; Kepler-Poinsot; Solidoj de Keplero-Poinsot; Solido de Keplero-Poinsot; Regula nekonveksa pluredro; Pluredroj de Keplero-Poinsot; Nekonveksa regula pluredro; 喀卜勒-龐索多面體; Kepler-Poinsot多面體; 克卜勒-龐索立體; Poliedro di Keplero; Solidi di Keplero-Poinsot; Poliedro di Poinsot; Solidi di Kepler-Poinsot; Poliedri di Keplero-Poinsot; Solido di Keplero-Poinsot</nowiki>
Kepler–Poinsot polyhedron 
regular star polyhedron
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