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English: Walters manuscript W.666 is an illuminated and illustrated copy of the Hamse (quintet) of the Ottoman Turkish poet and scholar 'Ata'ullah bin Yahyá 'Ata'i (died 1044 AH/AD 1634). Although different in content, this work takes its inspiration from the famous Persian Khamsah of Nizami Ganjavi (died 605 AH/AD 1209) and the Khamsah of Amir Khusraw Dihlavi (died 725 AH/AD 1325). This Ottoman copy of 'Ata'i's work ends with a portion of his Divan (fols. 142b-151b) instead of the 5th poem (mesnevi), Hilyet ül-efkar. The text, written in Nasta'liq script, was copied by Heyrullah Heyri Çavuszade in 1133 AH/AD 1721. There are 38 illustrations, and illuminated incipits introduce the different poems (fols. 1b, 22b, 63b, 107b, and 142b). The brown leather binding is original to the manuscript.