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The Chitrali music & musical instruments are very famous in the region. folk singers and reed instrument players have a special respect in the Kho society and a must in their festivities. Mainly used instruments are Shehnai, Sitar, and reed instruments. The Chitrali sitar is a popular musical instrument not only in Chitral but adopted in Ghizar, Gilgit Hunza region and by the Pathans of the Frontier and Afghanistan. It is made out of mulberry wood with five steel strings arranged in three courses, the outer ones have double strings, tuned in unison, while the inner course is single. here are few most papular music tone of the area.

  • Shishtoo-war (Sauz). is popular folk music played with shehnai on happy occasions mostly on marriages etc.
  • Shab-daraaz (Dani). is a sad tone based on heartbroken love poems.
  • Ghalhwar A combination of Dani and Sauz this is the old & famous tone for polo this is a mixture of fast and classical music played at the starting of a polo match.

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