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English: Khrushchev houses ( Khrushchyovka ) — apartment blocks in Soviet era Russia.
  • A goal of Premier Khrushchev was to make modern apartments available to as many Soviet families as possible, as quickly at possible.
  • To achieve that, the rate of housing construction was increased significantly compared to Stalin's era — by eliminating "architectural excesses" (anything non-utilitarian), using simpler floor plans, and cheaper materials and construction methods.
  • The iconic Khrushchoba (Хрущоба: "a Khrushchov's slum") is a cheaply built five-story building with 80 apartment, common in the 1960s-era neighborhoods all over Russia.
Русский: Хрущевки - блочные или кирпичные типовые дома, впервые широко распространившиеся на территории СССР в 1960-е годы, в эпоху правления Никиты Хрущёва.