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Français : Photographie Kirlian
English: Kirlian photography refers to a form of photogram made with a high voltage. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage, small corona discharges (created by the strong electric field at the edges of the object) create an image on the photographic plate. Kirlian's work, from 1939 onward, involved an independent rediscovery of a phenomenon and technique variously called "electrography," "electrophotography," and "corona discharge photography." The Kirlian technique is contact photography, in which the subject is in direct contact with a film placed upon a metal plate charged with high voltage, high frequency electricity.
Français : Le procédé dit photographie Kirlian (ou effet Kirlian) a été découvert accidentellement en 1939 par le technicien russe Semyon Kirlian et sa femme Valentina Kirlian. Les clichés Kirlian montrent un halo lumineux autour d'un objet.
Kirlian photography 
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Effetto Kirlian (it); Photographie Kirlian (fr); Kirlian-ljósmyndun (is); Fotografia Kirlian (pt); Fotografia Kirlian (ca); Fotografie Kirlian (ro); Kirlianfotografie (de); Kirlijanov efekat (sr-el); Grianghrafadóireacht Kirlian (ga); Кирлијанов ефекат (sr-ec); 克里安照相 (zh); Кирлијанов ефекат (sr); Kirlian fotoğrafçılığı (tr); キルリアン写真 (ja); Kirlianfotografering (sv); צילום קירליאן (he); การถ่ายภาพเคอร์เลียน (th); Fotografia kirlianowska (pl); Ефект Кірліана (uk); Kirlian effekti (az); Kirlianfotografie (nl); Cámara Kirlian (es); కిర్లియన్‌ ఫొటోగ్రఫీ (te); Kirliankuvaus (fi); Kirlian photography (en); هالة كيرليان (ar); കിർലിയൻ ഫോട്ടോഗ്രാഫി (ml); Эффект Кирлиана (ru) การถ่ายภาพเคอร์เลียน (Kirlian photography) คือ ชุดของเทคนิคการถ่ายภาพที่ใช้ในการจับภาพของปรากฏการณ์โคโรนา หรือ การปล่อยประจุแบบโคโรน่าทางไฟฟ้า (th); שיטת צילום בה נמצא אובייקט במתח חשמלי גבוה בעודו מונח על לוח צילום (he); Valokuvausmenetelmä (fi) Fotografia Kirlian, Camara Kirlian, Fotografía Kirlian (es); Effet Kirlian, Photographie de Kirlian (fr); Kirlianfotografi (sv); Kirlian fotografie, Kirlian camera, Kirlian-effect (nl); צילום קירילי, צילום קירליאני, צילום אלקטרוני (he); Kirlian fotoqrafiyası (az); Эффект Кирлиан, Кирлианова аура (ru); Fotografia KIRLIAN (ro); Aura-Fotografie, Kirlianphotographie, Koronaentladungsfotografie, Kirlian-Fotografie, Aurafotografie, Hochfrequente Hochspannungsfotografie (de); Aurakuvaus, Kirliankuva (fi); Foto Kirlian (it); هاله كيرليان (ar); Kirliangrafia, Bioeletrografia (pt); Кирлијанова фотографија (sr)

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