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English: The Kitchenware-Revolution in Iceland was organized by Hörður Torfason and the "Raddir Fólksins". It started in the wake of the collapse of the banking system followed be the decimation of Icelandic economy in the beginning of October 2008. It resulted in the resignation of Geir H. Haarde and his cabinet on January 26. 2009.
The protest meetings were held every Saturday at the Austurvöllur square in front of Alþingishúsið - the Icelandic parliament house. The first meeting (week 1) was dated Saturday 11. October 2008. The 16th meeting dated January 24, 2009
<nowiki>Revoluția islandeză din 2009; 冰島革命; Révolution islandaise; Рэвалюцыя рондаляў; Protestas en Islandia de 2008-2011; Manifestationes Islandicae crisi pecuniaria concitae; Protestes d'Islàndia de 2008; Кастрюльная революция; Protestiadau argyfwng ariannol Gwlad yr Iâ; Protestos contra a crise financeira na Islândia em 2008-2009; 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests; Rivoluzione islandese; 2009冰島革命; Mótmælin á Íslandi í kjölfar efnahagskreppunnar 2008; 2009–2011 protests following the Icelandic financial crisis; mouvement de contestation en Islande en 2008; пратэсты ў Ісьляндыі (2009—2011); Revolución Islandesa; Revolución de las cacerolas; Revolucion de las cacerolas; Revolucion Islandesa; Icelandic Revolution; Kitchenware Revolution; Flísbyltingin; Búsáhaldabyltingin; Mótmælin í kjölfar efnahagskreppunnar 2008; Рондальная рэвалюцыя; Indignats a Islàndia; Revolució de les cassoles; Kitchenware Revolution; Revolució de des Cassoles; Kitchenware Revolution; Manifestationes Islandicae crisi argentaria concitae</nowiki>
2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests 
2009–2011 protests following the Icelandic financial crisis
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