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Koshiate (Sword Hangers). There are several varieties, especially of ryo-goshiate (double hangers). All kinds which are attached with cords will be worn in the same way, but there are two kinds which have no cords and are therefore worn differently, the ita goshiate (lit. board loin-pad). Swords may be carried without koshiate by putting them between the folds of the obi. For use thus the obi must be wound thrice round the body so that the sword may be placed between the first and under the second and third turns, the last two being crossed. Another way is to put the tachi (long sword) edge downwards between the first and second turns of the obi, twist them across and then put in the tanto (dagger) a little forward in the same way. The long sword must always be put on first and the dagger afterwards.

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