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The Kreis Mohrungen ("district of Mohrungen") was a district within East Prussia, existing between 1818 and 1945. After World War II the local populace was expelled to west Germany and the town and district became part of Poland as Powiat morąski. All German place names were changed into new Polish names.

English: This category shall contain media created by 1945 and media created since 1945 which show things created before 1945.
Deutsch: In diese Kategorie gehören Medien mit lokalem Bezug, die bis 1945 entstanden und Medien, die nach 1945 entstanden, aber Dinge beinhalten, die vor 1945 entstanden.

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English: Media without a directly relation to the past before 1945 you may find in the following categories:
Deutsch: Medien ohne direkten Bezug zur Vergangenheit vor 1945 finden sich unter:

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