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English: Lakes of Finland.
When categorising a lake picture
  • if there is a category for the lake – categorise under it
  • if there is no category for the lake – categorise under Category:Lakes of Finland (this category)
  • if there is a category for the lake – categorise under it
  • if there is no category for the lake – categorise under the corresponding region subcategory
When creating a lake-specific category
  • check Category:Lakes of Finland by name
  • the category should be in the format of "Lake Lakename"
  • categorise the new category under Lakes of Finland by name, to the corresponding basin category (such as "Kokemäenjoki Basin"), and the corresponding region-specific category (such as "Lakes of Uusimaa")
  • defsorts for all these categories should be the category name without the "Lake" part, that is, only the Finnish (in some cases Swedish) name of the lake.
Suomi: Suomen järviä.
Svenska: Sjöar i Finland.
Names of regions of Finland
Number Finnish/Suomi Swedish/Svenska English (click link for Category:Lakes of...)
01 Ahvenanmaa Åland Åland
02 Etelä-Karjala Södra Karelen South Karelia
03 Etelä‑Pohjanmaa Södra Österbotten Southern Ostrobothnia
04 Etelä-Savo Södra Savolax Southern Savonia
05 Kainuu Kajanaland Kainuu
06 Kanta-Häme Egentliga Tavastland Tavastia Proper
07 Keski‑Pohjanmaa Mellersta Österbotten Central Ostrobothnia
08 Keski-Suomi Mellersta Finland Central Finland
09 Kymenlaakso Kymmenedalen Kymenlaakso
10 Lappi Lappland Lapland
11 Pirkanmaa Birkaland Pirkanmaa
12 Pohjanmaa Österbotten Ostrobothnia
13 Pohjois-Karjala Norra Karelen North Karelia
14 Pohjois‑Pohjanmaa Norra Österbotten Northern Ostrobothnia
15 Pohjois-Savo Norra Savolax Northern Savonia
16 Päijät-Häme Päijänne Tavastland Päijänne Tavastia
17 Satakunta Satakunda Satakunta
18 Uusimaa Nyland Uusimaa
19 Varsinais‑Suomi Egentliga Finland Finland Proper
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