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English: The Life of Mary cicle in Chora Church is composed by the following events:
  1. Rejection of the offerings of Saint Joachim, father of Mary.
  2. Joachim, childless, goes into the wilderness.
  3. The Annunciation to Saint Anne, mother of Mary.
  4. The meeting of Joachim and Anne.
  5. The birth of the Virgin.
  6. The Virgin first seven steps.
  7. The Virgin caressed by her parentes (half of larger mosaic).
  8. The Virgin blessed (half of larger mosaic).
  9. The presentation of the Virgin at Temple (large mosaic).
  10. The Virgin fed by an angel.
  11. The Virgin receiving education on the Temple (largely missing, only the greek inscription and the upper part visible)
  12. The Virgin receiving a skein of wool from the Temple.
  13. Zechariah and the twelve rods.
  14. The Virgin is entrusted to Joseph.
  15. Joseph taking the Virgin to his house.
  16. The Annunciation.
  17. Joseph taking leave of the Virgin.