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Commemorative sign marking the entrance to Little Saigon in Garden Grove, CA

Little Saigon (Vietnamese : Sài Gòn Nhỏ) is a name given to any of several overseas Vietnamese immigrant and descendant communities outside Vietnam, usually in the English-speaking nations of the United States, Canada, or Australia. Saigon is the former name of the capital of the former South Vietnam, where a large number of first-generation Vietnamese immigrants originate.

The most well-established and largest Vietnamese-American enclaves, not all of which are called Little Saigon, are located in Orange County, California; San Jose, California; and Houston, Texas. Somewhat smaller communities also exist, including the comparatively nascent Vietnamese commercial districts in San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Sacramento, Denver, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (Haltom City, Arlington, and Garland), Falls Church, Virginia and Orlando. Additionally, Vietnamese-Americans of Chinese lineage have also established businesses and bringing distinctively Vietnamese elements to most Chinatowns, essentially blurring the line between a "Chinatown" and a "Little Saigon"; some examples would include the Chinatowns of Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Bellaire in Houston, Honolulu or Edmonton, Alberta.


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