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Deutsch: Spind, Schließfach.
English: Lockers are safekeeping or storage containers or compartments capable of being locked, such as those used in offices, schools, and gymnasiums for storing personal gear.
Français : Armoire ou casier muni d'une serrure pour ranger et mettre des effets personnels en sécurité ou en consigne.
<nowiki>Casillero; Szpind; csomagmegőrző; caseller; Spind; Cacifo; locker; کمد وسایل شخصی; 儲物櫃; Šatnová skříňka; ロッカー; oppbevaringsboks; Consigne automatique; Spind; 儲物櫃; לוקר; bagagekluis; 儲物櫃; 사물함; 儲物櫃; lokero; locker; مقلدة; 储物柜; Локер; grande armadio suddiviso in cassetti; grande armoire, compartimentée en casiers principalement installée dans les gares; type skap med flere små rom; место для хранения; Schrankmöbel; lockable storage compartment; كمد باشگاهي يا كمد پرسنلي; zárható szekrény a csomagoknak; Cubículo usado para guardar objetos personales en recintos donde resulta incómodo tenerlos, como gimnasios o balnearios; Locker; Taquilla de vestuario; Consigne Automatique; oppbevaringsskao; kluisje; 置物櫃; 投幣儲物櫃; 로커; 라커; luggage locker; baggage locker; bag locker; مقلاد; مفتح; خزانة بقفل; Šatní skříňka; תא נעיל</nowiki>
lockable storage compartment
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