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English: Between 1933 and 1985, public transport bus services in London were directly owned and operated by the various entities known over the years as London Transport:
  • Between 1933 and 1970, buses were operated under the 'London Transport' brand, with red buses operating in the Central Area, green buses operating in the Country Area. Additionally, green coaches operated under the Green Line brand.
  • After 1970, control of the green Country Area buses and the Green Line coaches passed to another state entity, the National Bus Company, who created the subsidiary Category:London Country Bus Services to operate them (green buses being rebranded London Country, coaches remaining as Green Line). This only left the red Central Area buses in London Transport hands, many of which were subsequently rebranded to use only a solid white roundel on their red livery, ie without 'London Transport' as a fleetname/logo.
In 1985, London Transport lost direct control of owning and operating buses in London, as the process of privatisation of London bus services began - see Category:London Buses


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