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Svenska: Gitarrluta
English: A lute guitar (or Wandervogellaute, less commonly a lutar or guitar lute) is a a musical instrument of the guitar family, common in Germany from around 1850. The instrument had a regular six-stringed guitar setup on a lute bowl, however there were many theorboed variants with up to 11 strings. The lute guitar was born out of the Wandervogel movement.

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  • 89.2.157: Lute (1596), Sixtus Rauchwolff (German, Augsburg 1556-1619). Metropolitan Museum of Art. "... It was probably originally made for seven or eight courses (pairs) of strings, but in the seventeenth century the neck, bridge, and pegbox were replaced or modified to give the instrument a Baroque configuration. In the nineteenth century, the neck was reduced, fixed frets were added, and the instrument was changed to six-strings, like on a guitar. ..."
    An example of Renaissance lute which was modified to Baroque style in 17th century, then again modified to lute guitar style in 19th century.


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