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See also categories: Harpolyres, Harp lutes and Hollow-arm guitars.   for similar-shape plucked string instruments.
See also category: Crwth.   for similar-shape bowed string instruments.


  • Gregg Miner (updated February, 2012). Organology: Harp Guitar "Relatives" - Lyre Guitars & Related Instruments. "Note to the casual reader or researcher: This Reference Gallery features historical instruments that are not harp guitars, but “relatives” or distant “cousins” – presented on for historical and organological comparison.”, “Before the reader begins browsing through this page ... / "French Lyres" (aka: "Lyre-Citterns") ... / Lyre Guitars ... / German ... / Spanish and Miscellaneous ... / "Short Arm" and "No Arm" Lyre Guitars ... / See additional lyre-shaped instruments in the Harp-Lute family, Hollow-arm Guitar family, Form 3b and 3c of the Harp Guitar family. ..."


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